Who We Are & Why We Do It


The Asian Organization Alliance is a California-based, community focused nonprofit.

We serve the needs of the Asian and the Pacific Islander’s community through our professional guidance, business programs, and services.

We empower current member and encourage new members of the Asian American business community.


To promote and support Asian and Pacific Islanders’ values by bringing together individual groups through cultural events, education, and community outreach.

We also seek to unify organizations of Asian heritage and to strengthen our voices in the larger community.


01. To Promote Unity Amongst Various Communities Regardless of One’s Origin.

02. To Exchange Cultural Knowledge and Practices Through Events and Exchange Activities.

03. To Support Each Other and Promote Common Prosperity via Campaigns and Programs.

04. To Act as Bridges Among an United Asian Community with Other Ethic Communities.

05. To Advocate Universal Cooperation and Harmony through Cross-Border Conferences, Visits, and Conventions.