A community with a rich culture stemming from the great Ankor Empire.

Religion strongly influences life in Cambodia. Buddhists. Buddhism is the main religion (around 95% of population).

Monks are well respected throughout the country. Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries can be found everywhere from smallest villages to the largest cities. Many of the festivals celebrated in Cambodia are related to Buddhism. The pagoda festival is considered the most important one.

As the home to Angkor Wat and the birthplace of the great Angkor Empire, which ruled over many parts of Southeast Asia during its peak from the 11th- to 13th-centuries, Cambodians are very proud and love their unique and special heritage.

The traditional attire of Cambodia is often worn throughout the year. Special outfits will be seen several times a year during celebrations. It is hard to miss with the bright colors and intricate designs. This traditional garment is made from golden silk, crafted with the patterns and designs of Cambodia.