Advisory Board



Elvis Saetang is a seasoned food industry professional with over 30 years of experience. Elvis currently serves as the President of the Asian Food Trade Association, the President of Roxy Trading Inc., the Chairman of Can-Roxy Trading Inc., and the Director of Harvest 2000 International. Elvis is a graduate of North Illinois University with a Master’s in Management Information System and a Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics.

The Asian Food Trade Association is an influential Asian food import trade group in Southern California with membership consists over 50 of the largest Asian food importers and distributors. The AFTA addresses issues such as governmental import procedures, US FDA regulations, trade issues, State and county health department concerns, US CBP laws, and Department of Agriculture regulations.

Roxy Trading Inc. is the top California importer and distributor of specialty foods. Roxy Trading Inc.’s product distribution covers coast to coast. Products are imported from 14 countries. Roxy also represents international brand such as Nestle, Maggi, Knorr, and Bull Head in the ethnic market.

Harvest 2000 International is a Southern California based manufacturer of dried sauce and produce-related foodstuff for the general market. Products are distributed in Asian ethnic stores as well as national chain store such as Safeway, Save-Mart, and Bristol Farms.


President & Board Member, Asian Food Trade Association (1998 – Present)

President, Roxy Trading Inc. (1990 – Present)

Chairman, Can-Roxy Trading Inc. (1996 – Present)

Director, Harvest 2000 International (1998 – Present)

Board Member, Focus on the Chinese Family (1998 – 2001)

Lay Counselor, Youth Immigrant Group, Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles