The people of Laos are family centered, spiritual, and easy-going.

In Laos, the generally accepted form of greeting is called the Nop.

It is performed by placing both palms together at the chest level as if praying. The Nop is followed by a bow to show respect to persons of higher status and age.

The Nop is also an expression of thank you and saying good-bye.

Theravada Buddhism is the largest religion in Laos (66% of the population) and forms the basis of ethnic Lao culture.

Buddhism in Laos is often closely tied to animist beliefs and ancestral spirits. Many celebrations are center around their Buddhist beliefs.

Laotian Buddhists are very devout. In past centuries, almost every Laotian man joined a monastery or temple.

The lunar calendar is used for to observe holidays and festivals.

Pi Mai, or the Lao New Year, is celebrated in the fourth lunar month.

The Boun Bung Fai rocket festival is celebrated in the fifth lunar month.

Boun Khao Phansa is celebrated in the seventh lunar month.

Bout That Luang is celebrated in the twelveth lunar month.